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Ninja Forms Constant Contact brings you powerful email marketing made easy. They check every box a small business could want for growing their subscriber base and engaging consumers. Unfortunately, most WordPress forms integrations with their service do not. Are you making the most of what they offer with your WordPress website?

  • Want to be able to easily customize your WordPress signup forms?
  • Need extendable actions like email notifications, customizable success messages, redirects, and more?
  • Require specific form information to be passed into certain Lists and Interest Groups?

Your Constant Contact integration for WordPress should do each of these things and more. You’ve just found the one that will!

Integrate Constant Contact and WordPress completely in a matter of minutes

Integration is simple and effortless:

  1. Install and activate the add-on
  2. Login to your account and copy your access token
  3. Paste the access token into your WordPress dashboard

That’s it. Complete, powerful integration in no more time that it takes to log into WordPress and your Constant Contact account!

Configure any of your WordPress forms to signup visitors to specific Lists and Interest Groups

With the integration established, you now have the ability to turn any of your WordPress forms into a Constant Contact signup form. Add a Constant Contact action to your form. Choose the List and Interest Groups you want the form to send data to. Map the Ninja Forms fields to the corresponding List fields. That’s all there is to it!

Need an opt-in on the form for specific consent? There’s even a pre-built field right there in your form builder, waiting to be added and perfect for GDPR compliance!

Easily customize your signup form’s look and features

Don’t want a signup form that ‘just sits there’? No problem.

Customize the functionality of each and every form by taking full control of unlimited email notifications to multiple parties, designer success messages, redirects, and more.

Need more? Conditional Logic brings you the ability to signup visitors to different Lists and Interest Groups based on the preferences they indicate in the form.

Beyond merely looking good on any device or screen size, you can also fully customize your aesthetic easily with Ninja Forms’ Layout and Styles.

Take your email marketing to the next level and access the full power of email marketing made easy with Ninja Forms + Constant Contact today!


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