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A smart tool to manage and guide your CRM agents on a faster and organized pipeline based sales process. Deals extension for WP ERP is a great tool to manage and guide your CRM agents on a faster and organized sales process. The deals plugin organizes all your contacts into a pipeline. A system where you can simultaneously coordinate between multiple customers and hundreds of deals without getting lost or confused. The Deals extension is seamlessly integrated with CRM module, so whenever you make a deal with any of your contacts or companies, the system updates each of them automatically according to their status.

With this extension, you can-

  1. Create and maintain multiple pipelines simultaneously
  2. Assign deals to multiple stages
  3. Create or edit stages
  4. Drag and drop to change between stages
  5. Assign tasks or create schedules between contacts and CRM agents
  6. Monitor progress with real-time status reports


  1. Fully customizable pipeline based automated management system.
  2. Integrated with CRM module of WP ERP.
  3. Great overview section to give bird’s eye view of your deals.
  4. Built-in system to create, monitor, assign and schedule activities.
  5. Effective reporting capabilities to track and check created deals.
  6. Improved and understandable charts and diagrams portraying your sales and activity data.


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