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Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Method for WooCommerce is a full-featured plugin for all your flat-rate shipping needs. Create shipping methods and with different shipping rules. Offer multiple flat-rate shipping methods and with unlimited conditional shipping rules. Charge flat rates enable free shipping for any location, product, cart or user-specific conditions — or multiple conditions. Using this plugin, you can apply rules related to the country, state, postal code, zone, product, category, tag, SKU, product variation, user, quantity, user role, cart subtotal before discount, coupon, weight, cart subtotal after discount, shipping class, etc. to your methods. Apply one rule, or select multiple conditions that an order needs to satify.

Advanced shipping price rules

Let’s say a store wants to charge different shipping rates for different categories of product — $2 for t-shirts, $5 for groceries, and $7 for appliances category. And these rules only apply to deliveries in New York City where the cart subtotal is below $500. With advanced shipping price rules are those conditions, the store can apply multiple rules with multiple shipping fees. advanced rules support conditions based on:

  • Product name
  • Category name
  • Total quantity in cart
  • Product weight
  • Category weight
  • Cart weight

You can also specify the following for your shipping methods:

  • Shipping price
  • Duration for which your shipping method is valid
  • Tooltip description to show on hover
  • Shipping charges ($0 for free shipping)
  • Taxability status (whether the shipping price is taxable or not)
  • Estimated delivery time

Custom shipping zones

WooCommerce store owners generally have to apply multiple rules to the same set of locations. For example, you might want a free shipping rule for a certain set of cities and a flat-rate shipping charge for a certain set of countries. Normally, you’d have to add each of these locations separately to each rule, but custom shipping zones streamlines this process. Create custom zones that include multiple locations. For countries Add one or more countries to your shipping zone, and re-use the set of countries by adding the shipping zone to your shipping methods.

Advanced Flat Rate Shipping benefits

  • Charge flexible flat-rate pricing for your store
  • Enable free shipping
  • Add as many restrictions and conditions as you need
  • Create custom zones to speed up your admin work
  • Works perfectly with WPML
  • Get customization services if required


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