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Build Beautiful Posts & Pages With a Live Preview To Make Your Posts Look Better Than Your Competitors! With the vast array of shortcodes, you can quickly and easily build content for your posts and pages and turbocharge your blogging experience. Build Beautiful Posts & Pages With a Live Preview To Make Your Posts Look Better Than Your Competitors! Available Shortcodes:


You can create 8 different types of alerts to capture the attention of your users. Each alert serves a purpose and is designed specifically for that. You can also customize the alerts to your liking with custom CSS and preview them before publishing with WP Shortcode Pro’s preview feature. 02


Attract your viewers’ attention by creating customized, stylized headings for your content. These headings can be styled within WP Shortcode Pro and can be created for each section of your content. Using the beautifully styled headings is sure to make your content stand out and drive up the engagement on your website. 03

Tabs – Tab

Tabs are a great way to highlight multiple pieces of information within a limited space. With WP Shortcode Pro, you can create both horizontal and vertical tabs easily. You can create multiple tabs with each style and even set a custom URL for each tab heading. 04


Accordions are smart panels that open when the user clicks them. You can use the beautiful accordions in WP Shortcode Pro to Organize your content in style. Accordions support 3 distinct styles and 13 different icons. You can create unlimited panels easily and can also set up the default state of the panel to be open or closed. 05


Are your readers yawning while reading your long-form content? Make your content organized and attractive with the separator feature in WP Shortcode Pro. The separator creates a customized separator to help divide the sections on your website. There are 4 separator styles to choose from, and all of them are fully customizable. You can customize the size, colors, and margins of each separator and even include a link to take the users to the top of the page. 06

Empty Space

Sometimes, you need to leave empty spaces in your content to properly structure it. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t like empty spaces in the content and deletes it. Not anymore. The WP Shortcode Pro’s empty space feature will let you add empty spaces between your content to properly format and structure your content. 07


With WP Shortcode Pro’s quote feature, you can create beautifully styled quotes that you place on your website. You can set an author name for the quote as well as embed a URL to attribute the quote to. 08

Pull Quote

To style your quotes even further, WP Shortcode Pro features pull quotes. Pull quotes are quotes that you can place in-line with your website content. You can align pull quotes to the left or the right to make your blog post beautiful. 09


Dropcaps have been used to decorate text for centuries. With the Dropcap feature in WP Shortcode Pro, you can style your text with 4 different types of drop caps to give it an amazing look. You can set the size of all types of drop caps and even custom style them with CSS. 10


An image is worth a thousand words, and you can make images on your website stand out with the frame feature of WP Shortcode Pro. The frame feature highlights your images in a beautiful way by drawing a frame around them. You can align your images to the left, right, or center and even style the frame further with CSS. 11

Row – columns

The row and columns is a powerful feature of WP Shortcode Pro which lets you organize your content by dividing it into multiple rows and columns. You can use this feature to create pro-con lists, make product comparisons, and in endless other creative ways. 12


Lists are powerful, and all your competition is using basic lists. Use the powerful list feature in WP Shortcode Pro to make beautiful, stylish lists that attract users’ attention. You can choose from hundreds of icons to decorate your list items, and color them with unlimited colors to create an endless combination of lists. Use the list feature with the other powerful features of WP Shortcode Pro to grow your engagement through the roof. 13


Buttons are a compelling call to action to use on your site. Unfortunately, buttons are hard to create and manage. Not anymore. The powerful button maker in WP Shortcode Pro lets you create buttons in just a few clicks. You can style your buttons in multiple ways by changing the URL, colors, style, shapes, icons, and more. Save multiple button presets to create custom CTA for your posts in just a few clicks. 14

Double Button

Double button is a unique feature of WP Shortcode Pro that is an extension of the button feature. Using the double button feature, you can create a set of 2 buttons clubbed into one. You can customize both the buttons’ links, colors, labels and other features individually to create a unique user experience. 15


If you provide any service through your website, you can use WP Shortcode Pro’s service feature to highlight those services beautifully. WP Shortcode Pro lets you create and highlight multiple services with custom icons, custom colors, and custom descriptions. 16


Online readers are notorious for skimming content, and it’s your job to highlight the important content in your posts. With the box feature of WP Shortcode Pro, doing that is a breeze. The box feature lets you create a stylish box which can highlight content in a way your readers’ won’t miss. You can customize the box’s size, colors, header, shape and more to match your blog style perfectly. 17


Ever wanted to write an important note on your website so that your visitors won’t miss it? The Note feature is the answer. Notes are another way to highlight important content in your posts. Notes are different from boxes as they have no heading and are fully colored. You can customize your note with custom sizes, colors, and a box radius of your choice. 18


Expand is a useful feature of WP Shortcode Pro that you can use to hide some content from your posts. The content you hide will be revealed by clicking the “show more” button. You can use this feature in a variety of ways to enhance the user experience on your website. 19


Lightboxes are nothing new, but WP Shortcode Pro takes them to a whole new level. With the lightbox feature in WP Shortcode Pro, you can embed videos, images, web pages, and even custom HTML popups on a link click on your website. 20


Tooltips are a great way to showcase small bits of information alongside your content. The tooltip feature in WP Shortcode Pro takes tooltips one step further by letting you fully customize the tooltips. You can choose from 8 different positions and 3 different events for the tooltips to appear on your content. 21


When multiple authors work on a post, communication gaps can happen. WP Shortcode Pro’s Private feature helps you avoid issues by letting you insert text into a post that is visible only to the post authors. 22


Registration links, login links, and other similar content should only be shown to non-logged in users. WP Shortcode Pro’s guest feature lets you accomplish exactly that in just a few clicks. Simply wrap the necessary content in the shortcode, and it will become invisible to logged in users. 23


Embedding responsive YouTube videos in your posts is now easy and frustration free, thanks to the YouTube embed feature in WP Shortcode Pro. Simply copy and paste the URL of the video, set the dimensions you would like the video to play in, and WP Shortcode Pro will take care of the rest. The embed videos can be set to autoplay, and they will perfectly watchable on devices of all sizes. 24

YouTube advanced

If a simple YouTube embed is not enough, you can use the advanced YouTube embed feature in WP Shortcode Pro. Using this feature you can embed a responsive YouTube video, embed a YouTube playlist, loop a video, customize how the controls show up, and many more settings to personalize the video viewing experience on your website. 25


YouTube is not the only video hosting service out there, and WP Shortcode Pro is prepared for it. Using the Vimeo feature, you can embed videos hosted on the Vimeo platform on your website easily. You can define the dimensions of the videos, set autoplay on or off, and WP Shortcode Pro will make sure that your Vimeo videos are perfectly viewable on devices of all sizes. 26


Podcasters can utilize WP Shortcode Pro’s powerful audio playing functionalities to embed audio on their website. All you have to do is upload an audio file with the media manager, set auto and loop settings, and the audio player will show in your post. On the front end, users will be able to navigate the audio, adjust volume, and even download the audio file. 27


Apart from YouTube and Vimeo, you can also serve users with self-hosted video. The video feature in WP Shortcode Pro is designed to do just that. Simply upload an mp4 or flv video, set a video title, dimensions, and some settings to get started. WP Shortcode Pro will automatically embed a responsive video in your post. 28

Call to Action

For achieving any blogging goals, you need to present your users with a call to action. The WP Shortcode Pro Plugin empowers you to do exactly that. The call to actions created with WP Shortcode Pro can be customized in various ways. You can align them, set a title, set background and box colors, and customize the button that comes with the call to action. 29


Urgency is proven to increase sales. With the counter feature in WP Shortcode Pro, you can create customized counters to push your visitors to take action. The counters are fully customizable with a start and end time, a prefix and suffix, and custom colors for both the counters and the accompanying text. 30


Running a limited time offer and pushing customers to buy is easy as ever with the countdown feature in WP Shortcode Pro. Set a start day and time, customize the colors and insert the shortcode into your post to create a beautiful countdown that will entice your audience. 31


Testimonials are a powerful way to gain credibility and authority in the eyes of your audience. WP Shortcode Pro features a powerful testimonial feature that lets you showcase your testimonials in a professional way. You testimonials appear in a quote-like format, and you can add the name, picture, and the referring URL of the person giving the testimonial. 32

Progress Bar

Adding interactivity to your posts is a sure shot way to increase the engagement on your website. The progress bar feature in WP Shortcode Pro lets you create animated progress bars and place them in your posts. There are 4 types of progress bars that you can create and customize. You can set a custom percentage, choose from unlimited colors, size, and duration of the progress bar to match your site perfectly. 33


If you write about multiple topics on your blog, then you will love the timeline feature in WP Shortcode Pro. This unique feature lets you display your posts in a timeline on any post that you choose. You can either select a specific category to showcase or use all the posts from your website to create a timeline. 34


Modals provide a powerful way to add interactive elements on your website. Modals are small windows that open on link clicks, and with WP Shortcode Pro’s detailed customization, you can use modals in many creative ways. You can use modals to conduct quizzes, conduct user surveys, add notices, etc. The possibilities are endless. 35

Social Share

You’ve seen social shares before, but have you seen a social sharing button in between the post? With WP Shortcode Pro’s powerful social functionality, you can insert social sharing buttons for multiple social networks right inside your posts. Strategically positioning these buttons is bound to increase your social shares. 36


Sometimes you don’t want a visitor to skim over a section of content. To achieve that, WP Shortcode Pro has a Section feature. The section feature lets you create a text section in your post which can be highlighted with a custom color, video background, or a parallax background image. With such distinct highlights, your visitors are sure to pay attention to your content. 37

Photo Panel

Using images and photos on your website increases visitor engagement, and the Photo Panel feature of WP Shortcode Pro pushes the bar higher. With the Photo Panel feature, you can customize your images in unlimited ways. You can choose from unlimited colors, add drop shadows, customize the caption, add borders, and more to highlight images that are sure to grab users’ attention. 38

Splash Screen

Greet your visitors with a beautiful splash screen by using the unique Splash Screen feature in WP Shortcode Pro. The splash screens are fully customizable, and you can change the background image, colors, and more to create attention-grabbing, and high converting splash images. 39

Exit Popup

Exit popups are a powerful way to grab the attention of readers who are about to leave your site. With the customization power in WP Shortcode Pro, you can customize the background colors, changes sizes, and add custom images to create attention-grabbing exit popup. 40

Exit Bar

Not all users love popups, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use exit intent to convert them. The Exit Bar feature in WP Shortcode Pro lets you target exiting visitors subtly by showing them an exit bar that is bound to capture their attention. 41

Compare Image

Selling visual services is easier with the compare images feature in WP Shortcode Pro. Using the compare images feature, you can create an interactive before-after slider on a single image. This lets your visitors experience your product or service even before purchasing. 42


WP Shortcode Pro integrates with the entire Font Awesome icon library. That means you can choose from hundreds of icons to style your blog posts. Each icon can be customized with a specific size, color, background color, and other parameters to create unique, personalized icons for your website. 43

Icon List

The icon list is a multifaceted feature in WP Shortcode Pro that can help you create stylish and functional lists. You can highlight each list item with a custom icon, which you can further style with custom size, colors, shadows, links and more. You can use this unique feature to create a beautiful table of contents, lists, or highlight your affiliate links. 44


Promoting your blog posts and displaying ads in easy with the flyout feature in WP Shortcode Pro. Each flyout created is fully customizable, and you can select from multiple sizes, 8 positions, 61 animations, and unlimited colors to create the perfect flyout. 45

Responsive Utility

The responsive utility is a unique feature of WP Shortcode Pro that lets you hide specific content for devices of specific sizes. You can set a minimum and maximum resolution and only the devices that fall within the range will be able to see the content. 46

Content Slider

Sliders are a great way to attract users’ attention, and you’ve seen them everywhere. The Content Slider feature in WP Shortcode Pro lets you create and insert sliders in between your posts. You can create a variety of sliders and animate them with over 60 different animations. 47


Create a unique viewer experience with the FlipBox feature in WP Shortcode Pro. The FlipBox creates a treasure chest like box in your post which reveals its content when users hover or click over it. Using FlipBoxes, you can engage your users like never before by holding contents, running quizzes and other creative things. 48


Make the images on your blog interactive with the overlay feature in WP Shortcode Pro. With Overlay, you can add a piece of text on your image which is revealed when the user hovers over the image. There are 25 overlay styles to choose from, and you customize them further with custom CSS. 49


Using the Shadow feature from WP Shortcode Pro is a minimalistic way to highlight important information throughout your post. This feature adds a small, subtle shadow to your content which highlights your important content without feeling interruptive. 50

Pricing Table – Plan

Creating beautiful, informative pricing tables is a delight with the Pricing Table feature in WP Shortcode Pro. You can create multiple types of plans to feature, set custom icons, create custom pricing, and even set the most popular plan to make it easy for your visitors to choose. 51


You can use the FAQ feature in WP Shortcode Pro to create FAQ sections that support your blog posts. Each question in the FAQ can be styled with a custom icon, and the answer to every question is revealed with a user click. 52


Forget about struggling with HTML code to create tables for your posts. The Table feature in WP Shortcode Pro lets you create and insert tables in your posts in just a few clicks. 53


Managing internal links is a painful process, especially when you update your URLs. WP Shortcode Pro solves that problem permanently by allowing you to create permalinks with your post IDs. This means that your internal links will always point to the right URL, no matter how many times you change it. 54


The members feature in WP Shortcode Pro allows you to display different content for logged in and non-logged in users. This allows you treat your subscribers generously while giving non-subscribers an incentive to sign up. 55

RSS Feed

No more messing around with 3rd party plugins to display RSS feeds on your blog. The RSS feed feature in WP Shortcode Pro lets you integrate any RSS feed in just a few clicks. Simply copy and paste the URL of the RSS feed in WP Shortcode Pro and paste the shortcode at the appropriate location in your post. 56


You already know that WordPress menus can be placed only on predefined locations depending on your theme. The Menu feature in WP Shortcode Pro changes that and lets you post your menus anywhere in your posts. You can select any pre-defined menu to post or create a new menu entirely. 57


Display your content hierarchically with the Sub-Pages feature in WP Shortcode Pro. Simply enter the post ID of the post you want to display and select a depth level. WP Shortcode Pro will automatically display the sub-posts of your selected post ID inside your post. 58


Similar to sub-pages, the Siblings feature also lets you display related content on your post. The difference is that the sibling feature displays posts from parallel categories. 59


Google Docs is a great way to collaborate with multiple people while creating any documents. With the Document feature in WP Shortcode Pro, you can integrate Google Docs into your blog posts and share them with your readers. All you have to is copy and paste the URL of the Google Doc and insert the shortcode in your post. 60

Google Map

There are multiple reasons to integrate a Google Map into your website. The Google Map feature in WP Shortcode Pro lets you integrate a Google Map into any of your posts in just a few clicks. All you have to do is enter the address you want the map to point to, and WP Shortcode Pro will take care of the rest. 61

Advanced Google Map

If a simple map is not sufficient for your needs, you can use the Advanced Google Maps feature to integrate a Google Map with custom features. With the Advanced Google Map feature, you can set a size of the map, set a middle point, add multiple markers, and a variety of other features. 62


You’ve seen images in sliders, but the Slider feature in WP Shortcode Pro does so much more. Using this feature you can insert images, images from posts, posts from a category, posts from a taxonomy, or even recent posts in a slider and embed inside your post. 63


Say goodbye to WordPress’s default gallery and say hello to the beautiful galleries from WP Shortcode Pro. The feature-rich Gallery feature can create custom sized galleries in a few clicks. In the gallery, you can showcase any number of images from your media library, or even choose images inserted in posts. 64

Dummy Text

Adding dummy text to your upcoming posts is easier than ever with WP Shortcode Pro. The dummy text generator can generate any amount of dummy text for you. Start by specifying the number of words or paragraphs you want to generate and insert the shortcode at the relevant position in your post. 65

Dummy Image

To accompany your dummy text, you can also insert dummy images with the dummy image feature in WP Shortcode Pro. You can specify the dimensions of the image and choose from 13 different categories to have a random image embedded in your post. 66


Adding animations to your website is easier than ever with the Animation features in WP Shortcode Pro. With over 60 different animations to choose from, you can create the perfect page which will be loved by your audience. 67

Post Meta

The post meta feature in WP Shortcode Pro lets you display your post’s meta information on your post. You can choose over 20 meta fields to display in your post and even prefix and suffix the metadata with custom text. 68

User Data

Using the User Data feature in WP Shortcode Pro, you can insert detailed information about any of your users inside your post. You can display their name, ID, email, status, and other information prefixed or suffixed with custom text. 69

Posts Data

The post meta feature in WP Shortcode Pro lets you display your post’s meta information on your post. You can choose over 20 meta fields to display in your post and even prefix and suffix the metadata with custom text. 70

Posts Block

Displaying precise related content within your posts can skyrocket your site’s engagement. The Post Blocks feature lets you create blocks of related posts that can be inserted in between your content. The post blocks are finely tuned, and you can choose multiple settings to make sure the exact posts are displayed within a post block. 71

QR Code

QR Codes are an easy and fun way to increase engagement on your posts. With the built-in QR Code Generator in WP Shortcode Pro, you can create custom QR codes to place in your posts quickly. The generated QR codes also support link clicks, so users who cannot scan the codes can also be engaged. 72


The scheduler feature in WP Shortcode Pro is a powerful way to hide content and boost engagement. This unique feature lets you set a time, week of the day, date, month, and even a year when part of your content will be visible. You can use this feature in many creative ways, all of which will radically increase the engagement of your posts. 73

Google Trends

Using statistics is a great way to analyze data and make decisions. The Google Trends integration in WP Shortcode Pro lets you integrate an interactive Google Trends graph into your blog posts with just a few clicks. Simply enter the keyword you would like the chart to be created for, and WP Shortcode Pro take care of the rest. 74

Pie Chart

Graphs and charts are a great way to represent information to your readers visually. The pie chart feature in WP Shortcode Pro makes it fast and easy to create pie charts. You can set custom dimensions for the pie chart and also make a 2D or 3D pie chart. 75

Geo Chart

The Geo Chart is an amazing feature in WP Shortcode Pro that lets you take geographical data and visualize it on the world map. Simply enter the columns you want to compare and the countries’ respective data to have the Geo Chart embedded in your post automatically. 76

Bar Chart

Bar charts are used to compare specific details about 2 or more data points. You can create an interactive and beautiful bar chart with WP Shortcode Pro in just a few seconds. 77

Area Chart

Area charts are used to compare data points over time. The area chart maker in WP Shortcode Pro lets you make an area chart for multiple data points easily and quickly. 78

Combo chart

A combo chart is a combination of a bar chart and a line chart, using which you can see your data in a new light. WP Shortcode Pro’s combo chart maker can help you make combo charts effortlessly. 79

Org Chart

Making an organizational chart manually requires skills and patience. Thankfully, using the Org Chart feature in WP Shortcode Pro, anyone can make an organization chart easily without any special skills. 80

Bubble Chart

Bubble charts are another great way to visualize and understand your data. WP Shortcode Pro can help you make bubble charts as effortlessly as all the other charts. 81


Highlight important notes, warnings, and notices in your blog post using the Highlight feature of WP Shortcode Pro. You can choose from a custom background color and a custom text color to highlight your text in a way your readers can’t miss. 82


Make it easy for your readers to copy important information from your blog by wrapping it in the clipboard shortcode. The shortcode creates a box around the content with a special button, which helps users copy it’s content in a single click. 83

Table Shortcode

Create and insert HTML tables in your posts without touching a line of code. The table shortcode in WP Shortcode Pro creates an interactive table right inside the your WordPress admin which you can edit similar to a regular spreadsheet.

Compatible with All Themes

Countless hours of testing has gone into WP Shortcode Pro to make sure that it works in synergy with all WordPress themes. It doesn’t matter if you run a viral website, a news website, or an ecommerce store, you can be confident that you will get the same amazing results from WP Shortcode Pro as everyone else.

Fluid Responsive

A visitor can access your website from a phone, a computer, a tablet, a TV, or any other device, and WP Shortcode Pro is prepared for all of them. Our custom made fluid responsive framework dynamically adjusts the elements of WP Shortcode Pro, making sure that they look perfect, no matter which device they are being viewed on.

1-Click Shortcode Insertion

A plugin with tons of features but with a complex user interface is not that useful. WP Shortcode Pro has been crafted to excel at functionality as well as ease of use. A single click is all you need to insert any of the 80+ shortcodes from WP Shortcode Pro into your posts.

Shortcode Preview

Every little change that you make to your post has to previewed in WordPress. Not anymore. WP Shortcode Pro shows you a live preview of the shortcode you are using, right in the shortcode window. The preview instantly updates with every change you make, saving you countless hours of precious time

RTL Support

WP Shortcode Pro is a global product to be used by people around the world, to serve visitors around the world. To truly achieve that, WP Shortcode Pro supports both LTR and RTL writing modes. This means that no matter which country you are from, WP Shortcode Pro will serve your needs perfectly.

Optimized for performance

WP Shortcode Pro packs a ton of features, but that does not mean that it will slow down your website. A well-planned architecture, countless optimizations, and years of experience in creating world-class products mean that WP Shortcode Pro keeps your website loading lightning fast.

Clean and Secure Code

Apart from tons of features and lightning-fast load times, WP Shortcode Pro is also fully secure. It follows WordPress’s plugin guidelines completely, and hundreds of man-hours of security testing make WP Shortcode Pro as secure as a vault.

Custom Post Type Support

Websites using posts and pages can definitely take advantage of WP Shortcode Pro, but what about custom post types? WP Shortcode Pro fully supports custom posts and is compatible with all the popular custom post plugins available for WordPress.

Extend with API

Developers will be rejoiced to know that they can extend WP Shortcode Pro using its API. The API is extensive and allows anyone with the knowledge to create advanced functionality on top of WP Shortcode Pro. With this level of freedom to create, there is no limit to what you can achieve on your website with WP Shortcode Pro.

Save Custom Shortcode Settings

Each of WP Shortcode Pro’s shortcodes allows you to save presets. Presets are a collection of settings, and each shortcode can have its own presets. Using presets, you can reuse any of your configured settings on any of your pages or posts in a single click.

Create New Shortcodes

On your website, you can style your posts in unlimited ways. To truly achieve unlimited customization abilities, WP Shortcode Pro allows you to create your own shortcodes. Shortcodes are easy to create using the friendly shortcode builder, and you can create one, even with limited knowledge of code.

Overwrite Existing Shortcode

If you are not satisfied with any shortcode inside WP Shortcode Pro, then you can change it, or even enhance it. The overwrite shortcode feature lets you change a shortcode’s behavior and even fine tune it by modifying its HTML and CSS code.

Shortcode Mapper

If you have multiple shortcode plugins already installed on your website, then WP Shortcode Pro can save you the trouble of navigating them individually. With the Shortcode Mapper feature, you can map any shortcode from another plugin to WP Shortcode Pro and use it as if it was a native shortcode of WP Shortcode Pro.

Change Shortcode Prefix

All shortcodes inside WP Shortcode Pro are used with a default prefix. To match your or your website’s style, you can change the default shortcode prefix to your liking. This feature will also help avoid potential conflicts with other plugins which use the same prefix.

Import/Export Setting

WP Shortcode Pro supports importing and exporting of all its settings in 2 different ways. You can use the import/export code, or the JSON file to transfer and back up your settings.

Import Demo

You can import demo content from WP Shortcode Pro in a single click. Importing the demo content will create demo pages on your website with examples of the various shortcodes.

Multisite Support

It doesn’t matter if you run a single website, or multiple websites on a multisite network, WP Shortcode Pro can handle it all. WP Shortcode Pro’s well thought out architecture helps it support websites of all sizes with the ease.

Translation Ready

Geographical boundaries do not limit the Internet, and they shouldn’t limit plugins either. WP Shortcode Pro is fully translatable to any language of your choice. The translation process is simple to follow, and you can do it safely even without technical help.


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