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MyThemeShop Writer WordPress Theme – Professional WordPress Theme for Writers, Bloggers, Authors & Journalists.

Writer theme is an elegant, modern and stylish WordPress theme for writers, freelancers and authors. It has a clean design with legible fonts that keep readers focused on the content; it is ideal for all writing projects. Writer theme is a fully responsive and impressive WordPress theme for writers, freelancers, authors, and journalists. It is free of clutter allowing readers to focus on the content. Writer theme has 3 pre-defined layouts with a 1-click installation. The fonts are readable, and the subtle color scheme makes it suitable for all writing projects. Building a successful writing career requires you to build a strong brand by frequently sharing your content ideas with readers.

Every writer aspires to be the most successful content marketer, with millions of followers. WordPress provides the best content publishing platform that writers can use to build a large audience. Setting up a WordPress site is very easy, but the choice of a WordPress theme determines a writer’s path to success. An ideal WordPress theme for Writers should be lightweight, SEO-friendly, fully responsive, with elegant typography, and visually appealing features that help in content promotion.

To be a successful content marketer you need to build an active audience that likes and shares your content regularly. Building this loyal audience online is not easy; it requires a professionally designed website with a clean design. Writer theme is professionally designed and aesthetically accomplished WordPress theme aimed at helping writers and freelancers get creative. Personal branding is also important for marketing your content and writing skills.  If you are already a prolific author, you need to focus on improving your personal brand.

A good personal brand allows you to position yourself ahead of the competition in the marketplace. One of the most basic brand positioning strategies is creating a ‘killer’ portfolio that showcases your best content and writing skills. To create a writing portfolio, you need a well-designed WordPress theme that has a perfect color schemes, minimal distractions and is free of clutter. A good writer’s theme should let your readers focus on the content.

Writer theme is an ideal WordPress theme for writers, freelancers, authors and journalists who want a simple and a classy display of content. This theme is suitable for personal branding projects and all writing projects.

Writer theme allows content developers to express their thoughts freely and thus grow their readership spontaneously.

Writer Theme Features – Summary

As you will find out, Writer theme has four pre-defined layouts that come with the 1-click installation. The following are the qualities of Writer theme that define its apt for writers, authors, journalists, personal bloggers, and freelancers:

  • Fully responsive design with smooth transition across all screen sizes.
  • SEO friendly layout that ensures your content rank higher in search results.
  • Clean design with no clutter making it easy for visitors to focus on your content.
  • Unlimited customization options to help you build a classic and unique site.
  • Writer theme has two header layouts.
  • Have three blog post layouts that allow you to have different content displays.
  • Beautifully designed Homepage with various sections that you can rearrange or disable each section.
  • Writer theme is a multipurpose theme suitable for different writing and content marketing projects.

If you are a business savvy content developer who wants to build an engaging audience online, Writer theme is what you need.

Theme Options and Settings

The following are the theme options of the Writer Theme:

General Settings

  • Upload A Logo Image
  • Add a Favicon
  • Upload Touch Icon Mobile Devices
  • Add a Metro Icon
  • Enter Twitter Username
  • FeedBurner URL Option
  • Add Scripts in Header Section of the theme
  • Footer Code Option like Google Analytics code
  • Choose From 4 Different Pagination Options
  • Activate AJAX Quick Search
  • Enable or Disable Responsiveness
  • Right To Left Language Support
  • Set the number of WooCommerce Products To Show

Performance Options

  • Enable or Disable Prefetching
  • Lazy Load Enable or Disable to slow loading of images
  • Enable Async JavaScript
  • Remove ver Parameters
  • Optimize WooCommerce Scripts

Styling Options

  • Choose a Color Scheme
  • 2 Sidebar Positions – Left Sidebar or Right Sidebar
  • Unlimited Background Color Options
  • Background Patterns, Choose Gradient or Upload Own Image Options
  • Enable or Disable Parallax Effect
  • Custom CSS Option
  • Enable or Disable Lightbox


  • Navigation Bar Location > Above or Below Logo
  • Enable or Disable Floating Navigation
  • Enable or Disable Primary Menu
  • Enable or Disable Header Search
  • Header Background Color, Pattern or Image
  • Set Navigation Background Color, Pattern or Custom Image
  • Enable or Disable Logo
  • Type the Right Header Text


  • Enable Footer Widgets
  • Choose the Layout of Footer either 3 or 4 Widgets Layout
  • Choose Footer BG Color, Pattern or Custom Image Upload
  • Choose Copyrights BG Color, Pattern, Gradient or Image Upload
  • Enable or Disable Parallax Effect
  • Copyrights Text – Replace MyThemeShop Footer Link

Homepage Settings

  • Homepage Layout Manager – Organize how home layout appears on the homepage – drag and drop for different sections.
  • Intro Section – change the settings of the intro section on the homepage:
  • Intro Section Heading
  • Intro Heading Color
  • Intro Section Sub Heading
  • Intro Sub Heading Color
  • Intro Banner Image
  • Featured On – change the settings for the featured On section on the homepage:
    • Featured On Section Background
    • Featured On Section Heading
    • Featured On Section Heading Color
    • Featured On Items
  • About Section – set the following settings in the about section of the homepage:
    • About Section Background
    • About Section Heading
    • About Section Heading Color
    • About Section Left Image
    • About Section Text
    • About Section Text Color
  • Subscription Box – set up the subscription settings for the signup forms on the homepage:
    • Subscription Box Background
    • Subscription Box Text Color
  • About 2 Section – set the following settings in the about section of the homepage:
    • About 2 Section Background
    • About 2 Section Heading
    • About 2 Section Heading Color
    • About 2 Section Left Image
    • About 2 Section Text
    • About2 Section Text Color
  • Subscription Box 2 – set up the subscription settings for the signup forms on the homepage:
    • Subscription Box 2 Background
    • Subscription Box 2 Text Color
  • Blog Section Settings
    • Select Blog Section Background
    • Set Blog Section Heading
    • Set Blog Section Heading URL
    • Set Blog Section Heading Color

Blog Page Settings

  • Enable or Disable Blog Slider
  • Choose Slider Categories
  • Set Number of Posts to Show
  • Organize, Enable or Disable Slider Post Meta Info
  • Add Custom Slider
  • Add Featured Categories Sections
  • Enable or Disable Homepage Post Meta Info

Single Post Settings

  • Single Post Layout Selector – Drag and Drop
  • Choose Meta Info To Show
  • Enable or Disable Breadcrumbs
  • Enable or Disable Highlight Author Comments
  • Enable or Disable Date in Comments

Social Settings

  • Social Buttons Position Selector – Above Content, Below Content and Floating
  • Enable or Disable Social Sharing Buttons on Pages
  • Drag & Drop Social Buttons Organizer – Enable or Disable Social Buttons

Ad Management

  • Below “Post Title” Ad Slot
  • Show Ads After X Days
  • Below “ Post Content “ Ad Slot
  • Show Ads After X Days

Sidebar Settings

  • Add Custom Sidebars
  • Choose Sidebar for Homepage
  • Choose Sidebar for Single Post
  • Choose Sidebar for Single Page
  • Choose Sidebar for Archive
  • Choose Sidebar for Category Archive
  • Choose Sidebar for Tag Archive
  • Choose Sidebar for Date Archive
  • Choose Sidebar for Author Archive
  • Choose Sidebar for Search
  • Choose Sidebar for 404 Error
  • Choose Sidebar for Shop Pages
  • Choose Sidebar for Single Product

Navigation Settings

  • Set up the site’s Menu

Theme Typography Settings

  • Add new font collection and reset font collections
  • Choose character Sets

Import / Export Options

  • Choose two Preset Options – Default or Blog ( Select to import 1-click demo)
  • Import Options
  • Export Options
  • Create Child Theme

Writer theme is carefully crafted with a focus on the needs of writers who want to promote content and grow their audience. It can be used by freelancers, authors, and writers to showcase their portfolios, creative stories, personal blogging, and literature and book reviews.


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