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Publish Beautiful Articles That are Easy to Read

To save your time from figuring out how to make articles readable, we’ve designed them for you. They follow all the readability factors: the right typeface, font size, spacing, structure and layout.

Post with an Image

The most popular format, which includes a full width cover image, and a middle aligment structure. It has no extra distractions on the left and right side, making it easy for the readers to focus just on the written text.

Post without an Image

If the blog content is not based on a lot of images, you can still publish an eye-catching article which is focused primarily on the written text.

Post with Left Sidebar

You can include the bloggers about section which includes an image, description, social links, categories, tags and other sections next to the article. Such a format always offers the option to quickly switch to another category or read about the author. The articles with this format are still very easy to read.

Post with a Right Sidebar

If your client preffers having the sidebar on the right, it’s also possible. Small customization options can be a big deciding factor for many.

Write With Style

We carefully picked the best font types, sizes, and included other factors like spacing, leading, kerning and tracking. That is why the headlines and sub-headlines are easy to scan and paragraphs easy to read. Thanks to the predefined structure and font pairing, the publisher can focus on writing great content instead of designing.

Display the Author

It’s recommended to let the readers know who wrote the article, especially if there are more authors that are writing for the website. You can include the profile picture, name and description.

Insert Videos and Social Media Posts

You can embed your clients exercise videos on the website by simply linking to YouTube or Vimeo. If your client is present on Facebook or Twitter, you can also highlight best social media posts, which can be liked or shared right from the website.

Make it Even More Readable

Use two different beautiful styles to insert and highlight quotes, using a bigger italic font and the ability to feature the author. This gives the text extra readability, because it creates an empty space between paragraphs.

Introduce the Blog Writers

A great About Us page helps keep people on the website, make them like you, and connect with you. It’s a great opportunity to be memorable and establish a sense of trust. This is also crucial if you want to sell anything or be an authority in the field. You can easily create a beautiful About Us page by simply adding a nice cover, describe what the blog is all about, and add the writers profiles.

Build a Loyal Audience

You can enable comenting by integrating Disqus plugin-in to increase engagement. The comments can be upvoted, replied to, shared, and are easy to moderate. It allows you to capture readers and keep them coming back with sign-in options.

Add a Well-Structured Footer for Easier Navigation

Sometimes website visitors quickly glance over the websites content and land at the bottom of the page. To capture their attention you can make the footer engaging by inserting a summary of the blog, main navigation sites, tags and contact information.

Make it Easy to Contact

An easy and fast way to let website visitors contact the blog writer directly from the website. You can also add more fields to get interesting information from the visitors (like what topics are they interested in). If there are more blog writers you can also setup a contact form for each one of them.


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