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Display Free Shipping Bar on store to encourage customers buy more to avail free shipping. Offer discounts on shipping methods.


Add A Free Shipping Bar To Your Page

Ensure maximum exposure of your free shipping deals with the Free Shipping bar for WooCommerce. This plugin helps merchants to use free shipping as a revenue maximization tool. Free Shipping bar for WooCommerce displays the bar all across the products and CMS pages of your store. It naturally pushes the customers to shop more to save the shipping charges. Add a bar and limit it to specific countries to target the customers where you have to incur the least in shipping charges. Use multiple styles and customization options to make the bar look attractive and appealing. The store admin can decide to offer a discount on all the shipping methods so that customers can make the most out of the deal. Showing a progress bar alongside can help customers recognize the amount they need to add to the cart for the offer. Showing the ‘free shipping’ bar to mobile users can further improve store revenues


  • Add ‘Free Shipping’ bar
  • Limit the bar to specific countries
  • Use multiple shipping bar styles
  • Offer discounts on all shipping methods
  • Customize text and color
  • Position the bar
  • Project the bar on mobiles as well
  • Enable progress bar for free shipping
  • Customize messages for Free Shipping Bar
  • Display bar on a specific page
  • Progress bar display with delays and disappear
  • Let your customers close the bar


  • Increases your average order value
  • Encourages customers to buy more to get free shipping
  • The best way to offer free shipping as a marketing tool
  • Attracts more customers to your store
  • Enhances your store’s user experience


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