WP Admin Pages PRO



With WP Admin Pages PRO you can create Admin Pages for your clients using your page builder of choice, like Beaver Builder, Elementor, Brizy, Oxygen, and more to come!

For building awesome content

Our plugin offers you a range of tools for building the perfect custom Admin Page.

Beaver Builder

Use this amazing page builder to simplify your work while customizing your Admin Panel the way you want.


One of the most famous page builders is also supported by WP Admin Pages PRO. And it makes your life much easier!


Bring this front-end page builder to your backend and see exactly what you will get in the end.

Oxygen (Beta)

Oxygen is another flexible and powerful visual site builder for WordPress also supported by Admin Pages PRO.

Dashboard Widget

Create custom Dashboard Widgets with Admin Pages PRO using links, page builders and more.

External Links and Iframes

With WP Admin Pages PRO you can also built pages using external links that can even be loaded using iframes.

For going beyond

Explore our advanced features to create even more personalized content!

Custom CSS and JS

Would like to make adjustments to elements on the page? We got you covered! You can use the CSS and JS editors for each page.

PHP Support

For the more advanced users, we offer Sandboxed PHP support! That’s right, run PHP code inside your custom Admin Pages!

Load External CSS and JS Files

You can load external JavaScript and CSS files onto your custom Admin Pages by simply pasting in their CDN URLs!

Edit Permissions

Limit the access to your custom Admin Pages according to your clients roles. Also allow access to specific users.

Support to WP Multisite

Use WP Admin Pages PRO in your WordPress MultiSite Install and work with it on your subdomains.


WP Admin Pages PRO is ready to be translated into your language. All the needed files are included. Available in: 🇧🇷 🇪🇸 🇷🇺 🇳🇱


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