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Easy Digital Downloads Message This extension allows store owners to send messages directly to customers right from within their dashboard. Being able to communicate directly with customers is important. With EDD Message, this becomes much easier


Send customers unique, direct messages

The customer page in the dashboard is extended to include a new view where a custom, unique message can be crafted and delivered to the customer.

Messages sent to customers and vendors from the dashboard can also include attachments so you can send customers files quickly and conveniently. EDD Message also integrates with our Amazon S3 extension so files can be selected from your S3 buckets and used as attachments.

Log all unique messages sent to customers

EDD Message keeps a record of all the messages that have been sent for you to reference in the future. Messages sent to a specific customer are visible on the Message view for that customer and a table of all logged messages is included in Reports – > Logs.

Support for Frontend Submissions

For Frontend Submissions users, this extension is even more useful. EDD Message has been designed to work perfectly with Frontend Submissions so marketplace store owners can not only communicate better with vendors, but vendors can also be given the ability to message their own customers.

Messaging vendors

Now, when viewing a vendor in the dashboard, a new view for messaging the vendor directly is included.

Allow vendors to message customers directly

EDD Message does more than just allow store owners to communicate better with customers. Vendors are also given a messaging form for sending unique emails to customers who’ve purchased their products.

View logged emails

Interested in keeping a record of the emails sent through your digital store? EDD Message includes settings with which you can select the types of messages to keep a record of. When any of those settings are checked, a log of all messages of the selected type will be stored so that you can view them later. These message types include:

  • Administrator to customers or vendors
  • Purchase receipts
  • Vendor messages to customers (requires Frontend Submissions)
  • Customer messages to vendors (requires Frontend Submissions)


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