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Arithmetic in WordPress is now easy.

Math by GravityView makes performing calculations simple. Gravity Forms and GravityView are not required. Do math with your Gravity Forms form data. Calculate totals. Perform complex functions. Count the number of entries in a form Values are always up to date. “Pure” Math Do mathematical calculations. Gravity Forms and GravityView not required. Simple arithmetic in WordPress is now easy: [gv_math]129 * 293[/gv_math] Advanced calculations are possible, too. Want to calculate the area of a circle? Here’s how to do πr2 with a radius of 4.5: [gv_math] PI * pow( 4.5, 2 ) [/gv_math] Gravity Forms Perform calculations based on all entries in a Gravity Forms form. Note: Gravity Forms collects tons (or tonnes 🇬🇧 ) of diverse data, so your use may not match our examples. Perform form-wide calculations:

    • Show the sum of field values
    • Display the number of entries in a form
    • Get the average of field values
    • Reveal the highest field value
  • Show the lowest field value
  • Works great with GravityView:

Perform calculations for all visible entries, and on a single entry page.

  • Calculate values for the now visible entries (great for showing a total or average value)
  • Perform advanced calculations between multiple fields
  • Works great in a Custom Content field or widget


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