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Ninja Forms User Management offers you 3 new WordPress forms and 3 new actions to add a full suite of user management options to your WordPress website. You’re free to choose one of the pre-built template forms included with the plugin. You can also use any of the 3 actions to add registration, login, or profile updating functionality to any form you choose. Each form and action offers you just the functionality you need for clean, professional user management forms:

Looking to grow a loyal and engaged customer base? Grow the pool of users that interact regularly with your content? It all starts from your login page. Your user registration and login portals are the gateway to your website, and you want them to look good! WordPress’ default user registration tools may leave you wanting more. Many of the plugins that offer user management tools will swamp you with feature bloat. Customization is often lacking no matter where you turn. It can be hard to find a balance. You’ve just found a way to strike that balance with user registration, login, and profile editing all through your WordPress forms!

User Registration Form & Action

  • Generate a new WordPress user
  • Define their Role per WordPress’ Roles and Capabilities
  • Collect user data to craft a unique user profile
  • Email credentials w/ an option for randomly generated passwords

User Login Form & Action

  • Allow registered users to log in to your WordPress website
  • Place the login form anywhere on your site using the default Ninja Forms shortcode
  • Display a custom message for logged in users
  • Redirect successful logins using the redirect action

User Profile Form & Action

  • Place profile editing forms on any WordPress post or page using the default Ninja Forms shortcode
  • Offer users the ability to update their own profiles
  • Easily include mapping for custom user meta


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