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Do you like the Bootstrap grid but don’t want to spend entire days struggling with its HTML?

Layouts plugin is intended for WordPress developers who want to enjoy the full power of Bootstrap, together with a convenient drag-and-drop editor.

Drag-And-Drop Combined With Clean Bootstrap Output

Layouts exposes everything that Bootstrap offers, allowing you complete control over every element. It produces clean and accurate HTML, which you can style accurately and conveniently. Layouts combines convenient drag-and-drop with pixel-accurate output.

Use Layouts As A Page-Builder On Any Theme

Want to create powerful Bootstrap grids inside any page, created by any theme? Layouts plugin works as a page-builder, letting you design “the content”. It works on pages, posts and custom types. Layouts can add Bootstrap to any theme and lets you use all its power to design responsive grids and fancy elements.

Create Fully Responsive Designs Without Effort

Layouts uses the Bootstrap framework, so everything you build with it is responsive. Sites that you build with Layouts display great on desktops, tablets and phones.

The Bootstrap grid will shift and adjust automatically according to the screen size. Layouts gives you additional control over the exact appearance in every width. You can manually select how the grid will appear, to get perfect positioning on every device. You can even completely hide parts of the page if you don’t want them to appear on narrow screens.

Design Full-Page Template Layouts With Drag-And-Drop

Display Custom Post Types, Fields And Taxonomy, Without PHP

Designing layouts with drag-and-drop is great, but real sites need more. This is where the rest of Toolset package comes in. Toolset lets you set up and display custom post types, complete with fields and taxonomy, any way you want. It’s fully integrated with Layouts. You’ll be easily able to display content lists, design templates, create custom searches, build content submission forms and much more. You do all this from inside Layouts.

Multilingual Ready

Building multilingual sites with visual tools can be a pain. The entire Toolset package, including Layouts, is fully integrated with WPML, allowing you to easily build multilingual sites, without any technical challenges.


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